Dive! is the fourth and final level of the mission Scuttle Das Boot U-4901, the third mission in Medal of Honor.



28 June, 1944

You made it on just in time. You'll be starting at the stern, right above the engine room. Go down a level and make your way forward towards the bridge.

Our contact said that the boat launched just minutes after you sneaked onboard. They thought that the whole facility was under attack by the Allies-- you must have caused quite a commotion on the production floor!

Your goal is now to scuttle the ship.

Since we don't want this to be a suicide mission, the OSS has devised a somewhat daring plan that will destroy U-4901 but keep you alive.

Step 1: Radio your coordinates to the HMS Belfast, which is awaiting your signal. You'll only have a few minutes after you transmit for them to get a fix on you.

Step 2: Now with the clock ticking, find the fin controls and set the boat to dive. Then, destroy the controls with a demo charge, locking the sub into a downward trajectory.

Step 3: This is the critical part-- blow the emergency ballast, which will temporarily surface the boat. Scramble up and out through the conning tower before the ballast tanks fill with seawater, plunging U-4901 to the ocean floor.


An early screenshot of Dive!.


  • Radio Coordinates to HMS Belfast
  • Lock Fins to Dive Setting
  • Destroy Fin Controls
  • Blow Ballast to Surface Boat
  • Find Exit Hatch


  • To see the loyalty of the Nazi war machine, climb up the ladder after the extremely long hallway. Kill the officer, and turn to the compartments. Throw a grenade near the middle, and a sailor may come and save his allies by jumping on top of the grenade. Unfortunately, his friends are safely out of the way anyways.
  • Despite the briefing stating that you must be quick after you blow the ballast, you can take all the time you wish.
  • The man urinating will not drop ammunition until he draws his pistol. However, you mustn't lower your guard until he's dead.
  • Despite the environment, the sniper rifle proves useful in taking out prioritized targets at the back of the room.
  • Between June 18 and July 6, the HMS Belfast was situated somewhere north of Juno Beach, so it would be approximately 900km away from Bremen. Depending on how far out to sea the U-4901 is, it is difficult to say if the ship would actually make it in time to pick up Patterson after the sabotage.


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The Jet Aircraft Facility + Ambientation

Medal of Honor Soundtrack - The Jet Aircraft Facility + Ambientation

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