"Deuce" is a Tier 1 operator from Delta Force and playable character in Medal of Honor (2010). He is one of the four operatives of AFO Wolfpack.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In Medal of Honor (2010), Deuce takes part in an operation to eliminate Taliban and Al-Qaeda targets in the Shah-i-kot Mountains. Alongside his spotter, Dusty, Deuce moves up to Observation Post (OP) Clementine on a pair of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), passing through two Taliban held villages and marking three trucks with IR strobes for Reaper 3-1, an AC-130 Gunship. They also engage multiple Al-Qaeda and Taliban groups in the two towns, and uncover intel about the Taliban and Al-Qaeda positions in the valley.

Once at OP Clementine, Deuce (aided by Dusty as a spotter) begins eliminating a Taliban mortar team and snipers as part of their mission, but are uncovered by fighters, who unexpectedly detonate the three trip-mines that the pair had set up to defend their position. After eliminating the soldiers, Dusty leads Deuce up the mountain to eliminate more Taliban, Mujahideen, and Al-Qaeda positions, but also ambush a group of Chechens who are aiding an injured comrade. However, as AFO Neptune is ousted from OP Dorothy, Deuce begins to support Neptune's retreat with the Barrett M82.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Deuce is the designated marksman for one of AFO Wolfpack's two sniper teams, as he uses the M82 for long-range sniping (although it is actually an M107). He also carries an M110 as a portable sniper rifle.
  • He is the only character in the game qualified to use the M107.
  • Deuce could be young compared to most of AFO Wolfpack, as Dusty calls him "son" at one point in the game. Alternatively, this could just be a case of Dusty using a Southern colloquialism.
  • Dusty and Deuce seem to be good friends, as Panther refers to them as "Double D".
  • Despite Deuce only appearing in 2 missions in the game he is always there for sniper support.
  • Compared to most other playable operatives, he sees relatively little direct combat. He is encouraged most of the time to stay stealthy.
  • In the cinematic "Tariq's Plea" Deuce is wearing Tan boots, ACU pants and Ranger grey top. He can be seen on his ATV next to Dusty.
  • It is possible Deuce is based on the CAG operator Master Sergeant Bob Horrigan (KIA, Iraq 2005), who, along with "Speedy" was a member of AFO India.
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