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"Deuce" is a Tier 1 operator from Delta Force and playable character in Medal of Honor (2010). He is one of the four operatives of AFO Wolfpack.


In Medal of Honor (2010), Deuce takes part in an operation to eliminate Taliban and Al-Qaeda targets in the Shah-i-kot Mountains. Alongside his spotter, Dusty, Deuce moves up to Observation Post (OP) Clementine on a pair of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), passing through two Taliban held villages and marking three trucks with IR strobes for Reaper 3-1, an AC-130 Gunship. They also engage multiple Al-Qaeda and Taliban groups in the two towns, and uncover intel about the Taliban and Al-Qaeda positions in the valley.

Once at OP Clementine, Deuce (aided by Dusty as a spotter) begins eliminating a Taliban mortar team and snipers as part of their mission, but are uncovered by fighters, who unexpectedly detonate the three trip-mines that the pair had set up to defend their position. After eliminating the soldiers, Dusty leads Deuce up the mountain to eliminate more Taliban, Mujahideen, and Al-Qaeda positions, but also ambush a group of Chechens who are aiding an injured comrade. However, as AFO Neptune is ousted from OP Dorothy, Deuce begins to support Neptune's retreat with the Barrett M82.



  • Deuce is the designated marksman for one of AFO Wolfpack's two sniper teams, as he uses the M82 for long-range sniping (although it is actually an M107). He also carries an M110 as a portable sniper rifle.
  • He is the only character in the game qualified to use the M107.
  • Deuce could be young compared to most of AFO Wolfpack, as Dusty calls him "son" at one point in the game. Alternatively, this could just be a case of Dusty using a Southern colloquialism.
  • Dusty and Deuce seem to be good friends, as Panther refers to them as "Double D".
  • Despite Deuce only appearing in 2 missions in the game he is always there for sniper support.
  • Compared to most other playable operatives, he sees relatively little direct combat. He is encouraged most of the time to stay stealthy.
  • In the cinematic "Tariq's Plea" Deuce is wearing Tan boots, ACU pants and Ranger grey top. He can be seen on his ATV next to Dusty.
  • It is possible Deuce is based on the CAG operator Master Sergeant Bob Horrigan (KIA, Iraq 2005), who, along with "Speedy" was a member of AFO India.