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Der Bunker is the second mission in Medal of Honor: Vanguard. Frank Keegan and his squads continue to push through the town defensive and proceed to destroy the German coastal naval gun.



The mission starts in the big house, you will see a cutscene, an ally speaking, it has two squads of Germans going to the position of Keegan's squad, you must fight through the alleys, townsquare get to and kill all the Germans, then the sergeant, will send his squad following the rest of the city, you will see a bunker with three coastal guns, this part carefully with the fire of two German MG42, kill more Germans, destroy the door of the bunker, invade it, and destroy the coastal guns and then escape to the exit, get close to your squad and wait for the cutscene ends, full mission ready.

Upgraded Weapon Location[]

Follow your squad, until you reach the town square, then do not go straight through the alley, turn right, which has a fleeing German, among a small house, there will be a bag weapon upgrade, Get him and his Thompson will be upgraded.


Background Music[]

  • "Operation Husky" (MoH: Airborne Soundtrack)
  • "Attack on Fort Schmerzen" (MoH Soundtrack)
  • "Schmerzen" (MoH: Allied Assault Soundtrack)
  • "Taking out the Railgun" (MoH Soundtrack)


  • Models of the Germans of European Heer Infantry in the bunker, who are shooting the MG42, are models of European Heer Infantry who are on the second level of Medal of Honor: European Assault.