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The DeLisle carbine is a British carbine featured only in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough. The De Lisle was based on the Short-Magazine Lee-Enfield by modifying the receiver and the bolt/bolthead. The gun was also converted to use 45.ACP cartridge and it used modified M1911 magazines. The De Lisle's primary feature is integrated suppressor which makes it extremely quiet. In-game it is depicted well and the loudest process is chambering the next round just like in real-life. The De Lisle was mainly used by British Commandos and saw some use by the SOE and Special Air Service.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough[]

The DeLisle carbine first can be used in the Caltagirone Airport mission where Lieutenant Philips gives one to Sergeant Baker. The weapon in single player is very useful in stealth and it is an one-shot kill to enemy soldiers. Ammo can be scarce since the weapon uses pistol ammo and most enemy soldiers use rifles or submachine guns, but can be compensated by using cheat code for unlimited ammunition. It can be also used in most levels (by using all weapons cheat), being useful in several situations. In multiplayer the De Lisle is available for the British soldiers which replaces the Shotgun for them. The De Lisle has a high damage, one-shot kill if the hit is a headshot. The high damage is dropped on longer ranges and weapon is less accurate as well. It is advised to use at medium range from a hidden spot. The DeLisle has a much faster melee recovery time unlike other primary weapons.


  • In ramks of lend-lease programme DeLisle Silenced Carbine was supplied to USSR diversion groups of NKVD.