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Mission Briefing

Day of the Tiger is the fifth mission in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The mission is divided into three levels: Sniper's Last Stand, The Hunt for the King Tiger and The Bridge.


"Excellent work on your intelligence gathering mission, Lieutenant. This information will be much appreciated by our units advancing through Normandy. Now for your next assignment. As we speak, three divisions from the U.S. Seven Corps are closing in on the second largest port in France, the city of Brest. The German commander of the port has fifty-thousand troops in the region-as well as several heavy coastal defense batteries, which he’s turned around to fire inland at our advancing troops.Command has put together a daring plan to improve the Allied chances of capturing Brest. By securing a key estuary crossing into the region, we’ll be able to move troops and armor in rapidly and apply more pressure to the besieged city. Time is of the essence, but we don’t have enough available tanks to punch quickly through to the bridge, so we’re going to “liberate” an enemy King Tiger. Thanks to the documents you acquired from the German command post, the OSS was able to quickly train a veteran American tank crew on how to operate this armored behemoth. Lieutenant, this is the team you will lead. You’ll meet them at a rally point on the outskirts of Landerneau, a town about twenty-five kilometers northeast of Brest. Your mission is a dangerous one: capture a King Tiger, blast your way across enemy territory to the estuary, and hold the bridge until an Allied tank unit from the Sixth Armored Division can reinforce your position. Fighter Command will be there to back you up, and we’ll give you all the artillery support we can muster, but I have a feeling the success of this mission may ultimately rest on the actions of one man. Good luck."


Sniper's Last Stand[]

  • Locate the bazooka team.
  • Get past the gate into the rest of the town.
  • Proceed to the south edge of town.
  • Find the tank crew.
  • Defeat the Panzer tank.
  • Keep the tank crew alive and infiltrate city hall.
  • Steal the King Tiger with the tank crew.

The Hunt for the King Tiger[]

  • Escape with the King Tiger tank.

The Bridge[]

  • Sneak in and find a high position overlooking the bridge.
  • Snipe the Germans that try to blow up the bridge.
  • Use the high vantage point to call in artillery strikes. You may have to use multiple buildings to cover all the approaches to the bridge.
  • Destroy the enemy King Tiger.