Specialist Dante Adams is an American soldier who is featured in Medal of Honor (2010). He is a member of the 1st battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment under the command of Sgt. Jim Patterson.


First deployed in the Shahikot Valley, Adams is grouped with Sgt. Patterson, Cpl. Hernandez and Tech. Sgt. Ybarra and ordered to make their way through a wadi and eliminate Taliban fighters to relieve the rest of the Rangers who are pinned down by a DShk heavy machine gun. Patterson leads the attack and destroys the gun, guiding F-15E Strike Eagles to bomb the gun position. However, after they eliminate the machine gun, Adams and the team are ordered to secure a new LZ for the Rangers' Chinooks, codenamed Objective Betty. As they prepare to breach a hut overlooking Objective Betty, an IED is detonated within the structure but, fortunately, the Rangers take no casualties. The squad takes cover around the hut but are pinned down and running out of ammunition when they are saved by two AH-64A Apache gunships, callsigns Gunfighter 11 and Gunfighter 06. Adams later participates in the mission to rescue the AFO Neptune Operators. He and Sgt. Patterson later link up with Voodoo and Preacher during the final rescue mission of Mother and Rabbit.


  • Adams can be seen in the breaching cutscene in Rescue the Rescuers, but only for a short amount of time as he is the one turning his back to the viewpoint.
  • Adams seems to be the Ranger squad's heavy weapon expert, as he carries an M249 SAW in Belly of the Beast and a M4 Carbine with an M203 grenade launcher in Rescue the Rescuers. He also seems to be the squad's CQB expert, as he carries an M1014 on both missions.
  • His M4 is the only usable variant with a standard front sight and M203, albeit without a laser sight.
  • He is the only player character in-game to be referred to by his birth name and not a codename.
  • Every time Adams deploys, a Chinook helicopter is shot down by an RPG.
  • He may be of African or Latin descent, given the darker skin tone between his sleeves and his gloves compared to other player character.
  • In the cutscene introducing Gunfighter 06 and Gunfighter 11, Adams is somehow missing from the cutscene, only showing his three other squadmates celebrating.


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