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The Daniel Defense M4V1 (DD M4V1) is a variant of the modern M4A1 Carbine featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It was first seen in the Tungawan Jungle multiplayer trailer.

This rifle is not available in the campagin.


In multiplayer, it is available for the Assaulter class and it is unlocked by default when the player choses OGA, ROKN UDT/SEAL or SAS as their first soldier.

Generally, the M4V1 is considered one of the best weapons in the game. Featuring good range, decent rate of fire, very low recoil, surprisingly high accuracy (slightly higher than the HK416's), and decent stopping power, the M4V1 can do almost any task. Its good precision is sufficient for medium range engagements, and its acceptable hipfire accuracy and good fire rate also make it a reliable close quarters weapon. However, with its relatively smaller ammo count compared to the HK416 (31+90, total of 121) and its high rate of fire, it is recommended that the user fire in bursts, have other player ready for resupply, or even be prepared to draw sidearm quickly. 

Also, the M4V1, just like the HK416, can equip an underslung M320 grenade launcher, reducing the transition time from the rifle to the grenade launcher (since equipping an independent M79 clearly requires more time).

The most impressive characteristic of the M4V1 is its incredible accuracy during sustained fire. This, together with the low and easy-to-control recoil, allows the player to fire long, accurate bursts from almost any distance.



  • The weapon was originally called the DDM4.
  • In the Battlelog the front sight post is deleted leaving a space in the rail where it should go. The post is correctly retained in-game, however.
  • This gun carries the least number of magazine and bullets of the Assaulter class, even less than another Daniel Defense rifle, the MK18, which is an Spec Ops weapon.