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The Cruise Missile icon.

A Cruise Missile is a 600-point offensive Support Action, and is the 7th available offensive Scorechain which is paired with the Ballistic Vests. The Cruise Missile, along with the Missile Attack is a player guided support action. For the U.S. Military, it is the Tomahawk BGM-109 and for the OPFOR, it is the R-17 SCUD.

The Area of Effect is extremely massive, with an extreme amount of damage. On small places or maps such as Kunar Base, the Cruise Missile can eliminate entire enemy teams.

The size of the blast is extremely massive, and will shake the screen of almost all players even remotely close to the blast.

After the Cruise Missile has been used, the player now has a 2X Score bonus, granting the player double the points for various actions until he has been killed.

Offensive Action Specifications[]

  • Blast Radius: 40 meters
  • Damage in Center: 1,500HP at center