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Corpsman, or Kangohei, is a class in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault multiplayer. A corpsman's icon is a red cross


Corpsmen start the game with a medkit that allows them to instantly and completely heal themselves or injured teammates. The medkit is equipped by pressing the 4 key (default). Once drawn, a left-click will heal the corpsman, and right-click will heal a teammate. Right-clicking will also revive an incapacitated teammate. The player must be right next to his or her teammate to heal them. The medkit has limited charges (usually 12 heals and 12 revives), but this can be replenished by walking over a dead Corpsman’s dropped pack.

The Corpsman has the most limited weapon selection in the game. Corpsmen may only choose a rifle as their starting weapon, and then only a non-sniper rifle. Nothing else is available to them.

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