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"The picture comes to into focus and TF Mako is sent to raid a terrorist training facility deep in the mountains of Yemen."
— Missions Menu Description

Connect the Dots is the ninth campaign level for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Voodoo, Stump, and other operators of Task Force Mako assault a suspected Al Qaeda fortress in North Yemen, some of the inside of which was seen in Through the Eyes of Evil. The stronghold is suspected of carrying a huge storage of PETN. TF Mako is dropped in via AH-6 Little Birds and Stump strafes the compound with an HK MG4. As the operators are dropped in they equip Mk17 SCAR-H rifles and raid the compound. A fierce firefight ensues as TF Mako is horrified to see the terrorists have set up massive mock ups of Airplane and train interiors. After a long fight, TF Mako finds the PETN cache, though a great deal of it is missing, and exfiltrate the stronghold. Calling in an A-10 Thunderbolt II to destroy the cache as TF Mako flies off.


  • All the Operators, after getting off of the AH-6 Little Bird, are equipped with MK17 SCAR-H rifles. This weapon is not available in any other part of the game.
  • Stump saves Voodoo's life twice in this mission. First on the AH-6 Little Bird when a RPG hits another bird and Voodoo almost falls out but Stump grabs him, second inside the building when an enemy cocks a grenade and Stump flips a table over as cover for he and Voodoo. Voodoo notes this and thanks him in both instances.
  • There is a special type of enemy in this mission who wears armor and wields a Light Machine Gun.
  • The HK MG4 at the beginning of the mission has an unlimited magazine but will overheat with continuous use.
  • One of the missions based on actual events.



Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 9 Connect The Dots

Ninth Mission of Medal Of Honor Warfighter


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Class Dismissed Trophy.png Class Dismissed Completed Connect the Dots
MOHWF Target Practice Trophy.png Target Practice Shot down the targets in the training camp caves in Connect the Dots (Hidden Trophy/Achievement)