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"In the southern end of the Shahikot, Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters take the bait and walk into your irons as you draw them closer with tactical fall back maneuvers."
— Missions Menu Description

Compromised is the eighth level in Medal of Honor (2010). It takes place after Friends from Afar, as Rabbit and the rest of AFO team Neptune are falling back for extraction.


The level starts with Neptune falling back down the hill. Rabbit (the player) is told to reach the bottom of the hill, where he takes up a firing position. Numerous waves of Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters crest the top of the hill, and engage Neptune. However, as more fighters are spotted on the other side of the hill, Neptune is forced to fall back down the hill, pursued by the enemy.

The AFO team takes up a position in a ruined house, engaging the Taliban and AQ from hard points, but soon find themselves flanked and under fire, and fall back towards the village they'd fought through the previous night. An MH-47 helicopter then arrives, providing some fire support but is forced away because of RPG fire and severe turbulence in the valley. Sighting a new LZ, Neptune moves down the hill, but finds themselves cut off in a destroyed house. Mother orders Rabbit to use the SOFLAM to designate targets for a bombing run by an F-15 Eagle and the squad falls back. However, the explosion throws the squad off of the building that they were crossing, and the fall dislocates Voodoo's shoulder. Rabbit trades his carbine for Voodoo's heavier M60E4 machine gun to lighten his injured squadmate's load.

The squad fights down the hill, passing through the destroyed village from the previous night's AC-130 attack. Voodoo and Preacher take up positions around the Chinook, while Rabbit mans the helicopter's tail mounted M240 machine gun and Mother boards the helicopter. However, before Preacher and Voodoo can board the Chinook, it is forced to take off, and is struck by RPG fire, damaging an engine. The helicopter then tries to find a new LZ for the remaining AFO members, but it cannot land due to ground fire and turbulence. Mother then promises Preacher and Voodoo that he and Rabbit would find them as soon as they could.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
C cliffhanger.png Cliffhanger Complete Compromised 15 G Bronze
C feeding the pig.png Feeding the Pig In Compromised, get 15 kills with the M60 15 G Bronze



  • This is the only mission where the player can use the M60.



Medal Of Honor Mission 8 Comprimised

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