Private Cobb was an American paratrooper of the 101st Airborne Division.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During World War II, Private Cobb parachuted into a bocage in France. He landed in an abandoned farm with two other paratroopers who were killed by snipers, hiding in a cottage where he would be found by Captain Ramsey and Lieutenant Mike Powell of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and Private Durden of the 101st Airborne.

Ramsey and Powell were in the area to take care of any Flak 88 cannons and find any paratroopers from the 101st. They had already located an 88mm cannon near the farmhouse, but they required a radio to call in an airstrike on it. When questioned by Ramsey, Cobb informed them that others who dropped with him had a radio, although they had already been killed by snipers.

Cobb joined Ramsey, Powell and Durden as they cleared out an anti-air cannon nearby and when they destroyed the second 88mm cannon. Shortly after, he and Durden parted ways with Ramsey and Powell as they continued their mission.

While he may have been killed while destroying the 88mm cannon or the anti-aircraft gun, he's presumed to be alive and to have survived the ordeal. His fate, and that of Ramsey and the three other paratroopers found in the bocage, remains unknown. 

  1. He can be killed during "Battle in the Bocage", but he can live through it as well.
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