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Clean Sweep is a last-man-standing gametype in Medal of Honor (2010) multiplayer. It is essentially Team Assault with no respawning. Although it's much better known as a variant of Team Elimination.


  • Because the players only get 1 life per round, enemies will often be more cautious than when playing normal game modes. But this can be used to the advantage of people who are quick around the maps.
  • Checking corners will help the player making a foolish mistake and getting killed.
  • Using dark areas, such as the caves in Khyler Caves will help the player blend in.
  • Use camoflauge to the greatest extent possible.
  • Don't blind fire, or give the position of player or squadmates away. It will most likely bring enemy players to the surrounding area.



Medal of Honor Khyber Caves Clean Sweep - PS3 Gameplay HD