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"While following the P.E.T.N. lead to the flood ravaged Philippines, TF Mako must now contend with ASG terrorists who have taken civilians hostage."
— Missions Menu Description

Changing Tides is the fifth campaign level for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This mission involves Preacher and Mother attached to NAVSOG under the command of General Barrera to dispel a hostage situation orchestrated by Marwan al-Kalifa.


As Preacher and Mother travel through the outskirts of Isabela City, Philippines towards the city center under cover of the storm. However the two TF Mako operators progressively realize the City has far more ASG than previously realized and are allowed to go loud. Fighting through the flooded and typhoon ravaged Isabela City against many dozens of Abu Sayyaf (ASG).

Their objective is to reach the roof of the Isabela Hotel across the street from the hostages in the Mayor's office. Preacher and Mother reach the rooftop and watch the hostage situation as Sad Al Din reveals himself. Sad Al Din gets into an argument with Marwan and shoots an ASG who tries diffusing  the argument. When Preacher and Mother request to take out Marwan to no avail. Its overturned by General Barrera, who instead wants it to appear NAVSOG itself didn't even need American help and orders Tiger 12 to take the shot. He fails in killing Marwan and instead hits him in the shoulder causing Sad Al Din and Marwan to retreat.

General Barrera then argues that NAVSOG and TF Mako stand down and negotiates with the ASG to begin releasing the hostages. In the pressing situation, Mother takes over command of the operation and instead opts to clear the Mayor's office of ASG and evacuate the hostages. After heavy fighting they breach and clear the hostage's location, leading into Rip Current.



Medal Of Honor Warfighter Mission 5 Changing Tides


Icon Name Description
MOHWF Rain of Terror Trophy.png Rain of Terror Completed Changing Tides
MOHWF Double Header Trophy.png Double Header Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides mission