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Private Carr is a character featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault. He is a member of the British 7th Armoured Division and participated in the North African campaign.


Early life[]

Carr is a British soldier who enlisted in the British Army sometime prior to 1942, before joining the 7th Armoured Division and being deployed to North Africa.

North African campaign[]

On the evening of 17 May 1942, Carr joins Lieutenant Upton and Lieutenant William Holt, an American agent with the Office of Strategic Services, and his men as they destroy prototypes of the new Tiger I tank and acquire operating manuals for the new models before escaping into a nearby bunker system. He may also be present, alongside Baker and Jamison, as Holt sabotages a German radar dish, destroys a Panzer IV tank hiding amidst nearby ruins, and recovers valuable British reconnaissance information. Carr may also be present for the battle with nemesis Adabold Brecht.

Carr may be killed at any point during his appearance. His status following the raid, should he survive, is unknown.