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Mission Briefing

Capture the Secret German Treasure is the sixth mission in Medal of Honor. The mission is divided into three levels: Mountain Pass, Merker's Upper Mine, and Treasure Caverns.


Since the beginning of the war the Germans have been plundering the occupied countries of their valuable wealth; this includes art and gold. Now that they are losing the war, the Germans have decided to destroy the treasure least it falls into allied hands. Therefore, Patterson is ordered to stop the Germans from blowing up a salt mine that houses valuable art treasure. On his way to the mine, Patterson destroys the garrison's generator fuel. The upper level of the mine has Demo Squads that are preparing explosives; Patterson kills the squad and makes his way to the lower mine. There he disarms the already prepared explosives and fights his way out of the mine.


Welcome back, Patterson. I hope you've had a chance to warm up after your visit to the North Pole. Because time's of the essence for this next mission.

We're sending you to the Steinberg Salt Mine located just outside of the Austrian village of Altaussee. The Third Reich has used the mine as its all-purpose safety deposit box creating a vast cache of paintings and sculpture. The Nazis have had over six years to plunder the riches of Europe. They've looted art from personal collections and museums stealing almost the entire cultural heritage of Western civilization. Now I know I might not look it, but my college minor was art history and it gives me grief to no end when I think about everything that's been lost in this war. All the art that's been destroyed in the never-ending artillery barrages and bombing raids. Two days ago, our intelligence intercepted a communique from the regional governor ordering the destruction of the Steinberg Salt Mine and all the artwork inside. The garrison's commander responded enthusiastically that the place would be wired with enough explosives to destroy not only the mine, but part of the adjoining town as well. Sadly this situation is not without precedent. Last year after the invasion, Hitler ordered the general in charge of Paris, one Dietrich von Choltitz to burn the city lest it fall into Allied hands. For history's sake, Choltitz refused and declared Paris an open city saving it from certain destruction. Unfortunately, what Choltitz did was an aberration of the way a typical German officer thinks. There's a jeep waiting here outside, Lieutenant. Stop this madman from carrying out his orders. Dismissed.


Mountain Pass[]

  • Destroy Generator Fuel
  • Locate Mine Entrance

Merker's Upper Mine[]

  • Eliminate 8 SS Demo Squad Members
  • Recover Dahood Manuscript
  • Acquire Elevator Key
  • Locate Elevator

Treasure Caverns[]

  • Locate the Curator Inventory
  • Locate and Disarm All Bombs




Without doubt the enemies in this mission are some of the hardest to beat. Not because of their numbers or accuracy, but their armament. Many German soldiers are armed with Panzerschrecks; especially the ones in the mines. One shot from one of these will instantly kill the player. It is not uncommon for enemies to attack the player from behind.

  • Arctic Trooper
  • Waffen-SS Light
  • Waffen-SS Demo Squad


  •  Inconsistency - In the briefing Patterson is sent to the Austrian salt mine in Altaussee, but in the game he goes to the Merker's salt mine which is situated in Germany, Merkers-Kieselbach.
  • The Merker's salt mine stored a lot more than paintings. It was the primary cache for Reichsbank gold.[1]
  • Altaussee is incorrectly spelled "Alt Aussee" in the mission briefing
  • Steinburg was not the name of the salt mine itself, but the name of a tunnel extension which opened in 1319.
  •  The stolen paintings shown during the briefing include:

Music List[]

Mountain Pass[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Merker's Salt Mine + Ambientation 1

Merker's Upper Mine[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Merker's Salt Mine + Ambientation 2

Treasure Caverns[]


Medal of Honor Soundtrack - Merker's Salt Mine + Ambientation 3