The Captain is a character featured in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He appeared in the level Omaha Beach.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Omaha Beach[edit | edit source]

During on the way to the beach he ordered half of the squad to stick with him and the other half to stick with Powell. After he got off from the LCVP, the Captain along with the surviving men made their way to the rally point. When Powell reached the shingle he ordered him to go back and get the bangalores.

After breaching the barbed wire fence he ordered Sgt. Jefferson and Pvt. Webber to navigate through the minefield into the trenches, but they get killed shortly afterwards. He then laid down cover fire for Powell, who successfully made his way into the trenches and took out the MG42 at the end of the tunnel. Later along with one of his men he ordered Powell to go into the bunker and clear it, meanwhile he called a medic for a wounded soldier.

After the level he is never seen or mentioned again.

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