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The Captain is a character in Medal of Honor: Frontline. He appears in the missions 'Your Finest Hour' and 'Into The Breach'.



When his LCVP he was in was hit with a German mortar shell, he swam up to shore and took cover behind a washed-up Higgins boat. After the barbed wire barrier that was blocking American troops was cleared using bangalores, he escaped the minefield and sent Lt. Jimmy Patterson to raid the east pillbox, as well as doing the same to the west. After D-Day, the Captain's battalion moved on to the French town of Vierville, and assigned Patterson to a special mission.



  • He has many similarities with Saving Private Ryan character, Captain Miller, such as fighting with 2nd Rangers at Omaha Beach and also wield an M1A1 Thompson.
  • He can kill Patterson, if he will stand in his fire lane near Higgins.