Rank Private
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
Nationality American
Status KIA
Death October 14, 1942 Guadalcanal
Weapon M1 Garand
Voice Actor Brian James
Private Brooks is a US Marine who fights alongside Joseph Griffin in Guadalcanal. He appears in the mission "Pistol Pete Showdown " in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun .


He, along with Pvt. Thomason, fought under Cpl. Joe Griffin through the jungle and met up with Martin Clemens and a couple of his men. They then assault a POW enclosure, where Brooks recognizing one of the POW's, Pvt. Dean K. Lee, from basic training. They were only able to rescue Edmund Harrison . Also he survives this, he is killed by a mortar round quickly afterword. He used an M1 Garand in combat.


  • It is possible, due to a glitch, to keep Brooks alive. He will remain at the camp, however.
  • He can be killed before the mortar round hits him while assaulting the POW camp. If so, the mortar round will still blow up the fence.