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The Boys anti-tank rifle was a British anti-tank rifle used in World War 2. The rifle is often nicknamed "Elephant Gun" due to it's size and larger bore. The Boys anti-tank rifle was used in the early stages of World War 2 against lightly armored German vehicles. It was used in France and North Africa against early lightly armored German and Italian tanks, but the rifle became ineffective due to the advancement of German tanks. Another limitation was that the Boys rifle was relatively heavy and unwieldy to carry and set up. The Boys rifle saw limited use in the Pacific Theater by US Marine Raider Battalions against Japanese bunkers.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault[]

The Boys Anti-Tank Rifle appears in one of the missions near Henderson Airfield

and later in Tarawa in top of the main Japanese bunker. The Boys AT rifle has very high damage but it needs to be set up.