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The Big Joe 5 is a crossbow featured exclusively in Medal of Honor: Underground.

Medal of Honor: Underground[]

The Big Joe 5 is an instant-kill crossbow that must be reloaded after each shot. The reload takes an very long time, and ammunition for the crossbow is tremendously scarce, having only one ammo pickup in the entire single player campaign, although this can be compensated by using the cheat code for unlimited ammunition and used without major problems.

The Big Joe 5 is the starting weapon in the mission Wewelsburg: Dark Camelot, and is a selectable weapon in multiplayer. It is one of the few weapons that cannot be used to do a melee attack when its ammunition runs out. Big Joe 5 is very deadly in combat; one arrow can instantly kill an enemy in every range of combat. The only exception are armored German knights in the second level of the mission which is ineffective against them, needing to be replaced for another powerful weapon, StG-44.