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The Beretta M1934 is a handgun featured only in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough. It is a 15-round, semi-automatic handgun firing .32 ACP cartridge. The Beretta was the standard handgun for the Italian army and it's saw extensive use in World War 2 in the hands of Italian, German and Romanian soldiers.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough[]

The Beretta first can be seen in the Bizerte Canal level where a few german officers and italian soldiers are using it. Klaus Knefler uses one as his preffered sidearm. In multiplayer it is the default sidearm for the italian soldiers. The Beretta has low damage and it's even worse at longer ranges, but it has the highest magazine capacity of the pistols with 15 rounds.


  • The Beretta in Breakthrough has a 15 round magazine which is incorrect since in-real life the gun's magazine only carried 7 rounds + 1 in the chamber.