Behind Enemy Lines is the fourth mission in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The mission is divided into three levels: Rendezvous with the Resistance, Diverting the Enemy and The Command Post.


Rendezvous with the ResistanceEdit

  • Locate the downed G3 pilot.
  • Escort the pilot to the Maquis hideout.

Diverting the EnemyEdit

  • Infiltrate the tank park.
  • Bomb Tiger tanks.
  • Switch the tracks at the first junction.
  • Find a way into the train station.
  • Plant explosives on the track barrier.
  • Get to the control tower and switch the tracks.
  • Get into the back of the Opel truck.

The Command PostEdit

  • Infiltrate the perimeter.
  • Send the false communique.
  • Steal the troop manifest.
  • Steal the battle plans.
  • Gather any intelligence on the new Tiger tank.
  • Escape and meet up with Manon.



  • Historical inaccuracy - The Tiger II (King Tiger) was not deployed into battle until July 11, 1944 although it had been in development since 1937.
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