Bazooka Operator
Bazooka Operator]
Appears in Medal of Honor: Vanguard
Rank Unknown
Affiliations 82nd Airborne Division, later transferred into 17th Airborne Division
Status Alive
Weapon M1 Garand, M9A1 Bazooka
The Bazooka Operator is character in Medal of Honor: Vanguard who is a member of Keegan's squad that specialises in using the M9A1 Bazooka, despite being a somewhat significant character, he is unnamed.



The Bazooka Operator first appears in Scavengers, where he is trapped in a tree by his parachute, he is then freed by Keegan. He then fights alongside Keegan and Garrett for the remainder of the mission, asking Keegan: 'You got that Bazooka Piece? You'll need it!'. He is also present in Requiem where he fights alongside Keegan and his squad.


The Bazooka Operator appears again in Predators where he destroys the first Tiger Tank with a Bazooka, he then fights alongside Keegan's squad for the rest of the mission.


The Bazooka Operator reappears at the end of Endgame, when Keegan's squad see a Tiger Tank driving towards a factory, his loader then wonders if the Tiger saw them, the Bazooka Operator then reminds the loader to 'Shut up and help me get this Bazooka ready!'. Then when, they realise the Tiger did in fact see them, he then shoots it with a Bazooka, however it only immobilises it, the Tiger then returns fire, causing the Bazooka Operator to retreat, while his loader is killed by the blast. The Bazooka Operator later returns for the final section of The Crucible, where he, Keegan and the rest of the squad defend the factory from several waves of German infantry and tanks.


  • Despite seeming being killed at the end of 'Endgame' by a Tiger Tank, he reappears for the final battle in 'The Crucible', this is because he runs off just before the Tiger fires, although it is hard to see.
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