Ascent to the Castle is the first level of Medal of Honor: Underground in mission Wewelsburg: Dark Camelot.


Dark Valhalla

19 September 1943

As you've been briefed, Manon, this mission is not run of the mill.

The only weapon you have at your disposal is an experimental crossbow, the "Big Joe". While is absolutely silent, it is very slow to reload.

To reach the castle, you're going to have to eliminate the German forces, and commandeer a cable car up the mountain.

To do this, you'll need to find some tools to disable the controls in the station. Otherwise, the car might be called back to the station before you've reached your destination.

Follow the train tracks, they will take you to a road that leads to the cable car station and a radio building. The SS Are everywhere, and will quickly warn the castle if they smell any sign of trouble. Destroy the radio and cut off their line of communication before you head up the mountain.

Also, we've heard that Germans have just developed a new submachine gun. Keeps your eyes open for any information on this weapon.

Be careful, and good luck.

Objectives Edit

  • Find crowbar
  • Find wire cutters
  • Destroy radio
  • Steal a cable car
  • Disable emergency brake
  • Disable control override

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Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to what the level briefing says, the StG-44 is not a new type of submachine gun, but a new type of weapon called an Assault Rifle.
  • Historical inaccuracy - The first StG-44 (known as MP43) were not distributed to the SS until October 1943. The MP 40 would have been the more likely used automatic weapon at the time.
  • Historical inaccuracy - The Gewehr 43 was not put into production until October 1943. The Gewehr 41 would have been the more likely used rifle at the time.

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