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Ammo Tech, or Shichuhei, is a class in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault multiplayer. Their icon is a bullet.


Ammo Techs can carry two main weapons along with their sidearm and grenades, with the exception of shotguns or sniper rifles. They can also only carry two grenades.

The ammo tech is given ten ammo boxes, which can be dropped anywhere. These boxes will completely recharge the ammo and grenades of anyone who picks them up (including the Ammo Tech who dropped them). But take note, enemies can also pick up ammo boxes and resupply their ammo.

The Ammo Tech also gets one satchel charge, a timed, non-defuseable explosive many times more powerful than a grenade. Unfortunately, once the satchel charge is used, the Ammo Tech has to respawn again to obtain another one as ammo boxes cannot give another. As well, the satchel charge is not as powerful as the Engineer's timed charge against objectives in the Invader game mode.

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