That are some allies in each main menu in some of the Medal of Honor Games.

Medal of Honor (1999) Edit

the main menu is an OSS Office, it shows two officers,one in brown facing the map, while the other in blue is sitting at the tables, sometimes talks on a phone. In another scene, another officer in blue walks out of a room and faces the map.

Trivia Edit

Medal of Honor: Underground Edit

The Main Menu is a Maquis hideout. It shows a Maquis cleaning an MP40.

Another Maquis, with a bandage on his leg, walks into view behind the barrels. He reads a paper, scratches his leg and walks back behind the barrels.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Edit

The main menu shows a bridge of a battleship, with some men of the Marines & Navy.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Edit

Depending on the mission, which takes the player, the main menu is different. But often there are depicted a detachment of Conlin and other soldiers, and the only difference is in the uniforms and actions of the soldiers.

Trivia Edit

  • For some unknown reason Minoso only appears in the mission menu on the Makin. He was never seen on the menu again.
  • In the main menu of MOH: Rising Sun, you can see someone resembling Michael Paul Floyd. However, whether it is him or not is unknown.
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