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"Located in the perilous mountains of Northern Yemen, the cliff side village is known as Al Fara. Many conquerors have come and gone in its long history, but the village remains where it has been perched for centuries. Rumors state every army that passed through its valley never suffered defeat if their cause was honorable and just."
— Loading Screen Description

Al Fara Cliffside is a multiplayer map featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


The overall map takes place in a large vertically shaped village. Destroyed ruins of the village litter the battlefield. Not much else can be confirmed.



MOH Warfighter multiplayer - Al Fara Cliffside - Sector Control Mode


  • Around certain areas of the map, a song can be heard if a player listens closely. The same song can be heard in the beginning of the Medal of Honor (2010) mission First In in the radio of the truck Rabbit and Voodoo are driving in.