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The Ak5C is the modernized version of the original Ak 5, the Swedish version of the Belgian FN FNC assault rifle. Manufactured by Bofors, it fires 650 rpm and has low recoil. It fires the standard 5.56x45mm NATO round. It is featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter[]

"A licensed version of the FN FNC, the Ak 5 has been modified to facilitate winter operation needs of the Swedish Armed Forces."
— Battlelog Description

The Ak5C appears only in the Multiplayer of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, as an unlock for the Point Man Class. Unlike most of the unlockable weapons, the AK5 has no additional variants; it is only used by the Swedish SOG.

The weapon is fairly average in its weapon class; it has a short range, average damage per shot, relatively fast reload time and a moderate rate of fire. It does possess a favorable characteristic in its very low and predictable recoil pattern. Firing fully-automatically is not only viable, but necessary to make up for its low damage and moderate ROF when compared to the other assault rifles. 

Despite its low recoil, the Ak5 is outperformed in all other respects by its more specialized assault rifle counterparts. Though easy to keep on target, the Ak5 falls flat at longer ranges, where shots fired will often deal insufficient damage to kill a distant foe. In close quarters, the weapon is statistically beaten by higher damage and faster firing weapons. Equipping Heavy Hitter Rounds may bolster the damage potential, but also noticably increases recoil.

The Ak5's low recoil, sufficient close range damage and stealth allows the user to finish off opponents without much trouble, especially when they don't have a chance to fire back. Using HH rounds is not much of a problem, since recoil is still controllable even in full-auto fire. HH rounds can also be used to get headshots.


  • Uniquely, the Ak5C only belongs to one unit in-game, the Swedish SOG. Therefore, attachments are only unlocked via Weapon Pins.
  • The Aimpoint CS is exclusive to the weapon.
  • In the third person model of the Ak5C, a verical foregrip can be spotted on the weapon, however the attachment is not available for the weapon.
  • The Ak5C also found in Battlefield 4 and uses the same model from Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
  • On the Heavy Hitter magazine a viking skull can be seen painted on the magazine.