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Ajab (Urdu: عجب) is an OGA asset in Task Force Blackbird in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. He appears in the missions Hot Pursuit and Finding Faraz. He also makes a minor appearance in Medal of Honor (2010).


Not much is known about Ajab. He is first seen in the ending cutscene for Medal of Honor 2010, discussing about the quality of their tea with Preacher when they see their target.

Ajab makes his first mention in Hot Pursuit, helping Dusty nearby by watching Preacher overhead in a drone in an undisclosed location. When Preacher reaches the slums of the town after chasing the target, Dusty notifies that the local militia are headed his direction.

Ajab is seen in Finding Faraz, starting the same way Medal of Honor 2010 ended. Ajab and Preacher get up from their seats to follow Faraz, with Mother waiting in a car nearby. Suddenly Faraz makes a break for it, leading a chase. Faraz calls for his men to engage the three.

Ajab eventually breaks from the group, getting a RPG-7 to destroy a defensive setup blocking Mother and Preacher. Ajab then leaves to go get their evacuation truck, but Faraz is shot in the head by a soldier, unwillingly or simply missing Mother. The two run for the nearby building while Ajab comes with his van, running over a local militant. 


  • Despite being the ally, Ajab won't give you any ammo, even when you pick AKM or AK-103 (he's wielding an AK-103 so he would have supposed to give you 7.62mm ammo).