Appears in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Rank Private
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
Status Possibly Alive
Weapon Springfield
Voice Actor Christopher Gorham

Adams is a U.S. Marine who is seen in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. He appears in the mission "Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal''.

Biography Edit

He is first seen in a raft, along with Davis, Corporal Joseph Griffin and Gunnery Sergeant Jack "Gunny" Lauton. He seems argumentative with Davis, as he tells him to shut up after Davis asks Adams if he can't swim. However, Davis is wounded by a sniper and eaten by a crocodile, Adams seems affected. After landing, the three remaining members fight through Japanese soldiers. After attacking and securing a truck, Adams volunteered to stay behind and secure the vehicle, while Gunny and Griffin continue the fight. However he is not seen in the end cutscene and never mentoined again.

Trivia Edit

  • Adams has a Red-Cross patch on his left arm, but it was never mentoined that he is a medic or not.
  • Along with Davis he uses an unscoped variant of the Springfield.