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A Storm in the Port is the second of six missions in Medal of Honor: Frontline.


Good morning Lieutenant Patterson, it's a pleasure to see you again. You're looking well rested good, I'll need you in tip top shape for your new assignment. You've proven to be quite resourceful especially your performance most recently in scuttling U-4901. All things considered, you're the ideal candidate for this mission. Let's get down to brass tacks shall we.

The success of the allied invasion of Normandy prompted an assassination attempt on the fuhrer. A cadre of high ranking Nazi leaders planted a bomb during a meeting, unfortunately he survived. He's used this attempt on his life to clean house and still advise power. Whatever remaining sanity the Nazi leadership possessed has been gutted by Hitler's subsequent arrests and executions, he's appointed new leaders more in tune with his insane ideals. That man is bent on sacrificing every last German citizen rather than accept defeat. We need to stop him cold and do it now.

Reports from our allies in France suggest that there's been heavy activity in the port of Lorient, a manufacturing facility for their deadly U-Boats. It was previously run by one of the would be assassins. Now Hitler has one of his most trusted advisors in charge. Jimmy, we need to know what's going on at that base. We've arranged for you to be dropped on the outskirts of St. Mathieu, where our 101st division is still encountering some resistance. Intelligence states that a German U-Boat is making an unscheduled resupply stop at the sea port there. Our only opportunity to infiltrate this fortified shipyard is by smuggling you aboard this vessel and waiting until it reaches its port.

I know it's tight quarters Jimmy but for you, familiar territory. We're sending you back to sea my boy.


The mission consists of four levels:


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  • A Storm in the Port and The Horten's Nest are the only missions in the game with more than three levels; having a total of four levels.