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An ATV (all terrain vehicle) is a quad bike like vechile, and a "stealthed out" version is usable during the first AFO Wolfpack mission, Running with Wolves. The ATV is first seen in First In, when Tariq meets his friend, and is used by all of AFO Wolfpack when AFO Neptune arrives by truck.


In the AFO Wolfpack mission, Running with Wolves..., Deuce will proceed on the ATV to several points with Dusty, who also has his own, where at each he will complete multiple objectives e.g. breaching an enemy's controlled village or sniping guard posts. Sometimes on the journey between each point, Dusty will order Deuce to stop and turn off the headlights to evade enemy trucks, whereas sometimes the journey will be dark and rough, enabling Deuce to jump off rocks and small ridges. Deuce also has a sniper rifle loaded on the gun rack.

After being done with all of their ATVs, AFO Team Wolfpack booby traps them so they are unusable by the enemy and can kill them. It is never seen again after this.




  • Although being "stealthed out", it still has a fairly noisy engine.
  • Danger Close added an engine noise to the ATVs, since they thought the audience wouldn't believe how quiet the real-life ATVs are.