The AKS-74u is a USSR/Russian carbine firing 5.45x39mm cartridges, featured in Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor (2010)Edit


The AKS-74u has decent power and medium magazine capacity, but high recoil. It is fairly common amongst enemies, and is only second to the AK-47.


This weapon is the first weapon given to the Opfor Special Ops class. It has a 30-round magazine and a high rate of fire. It has identical statistics as its opposite, the M4A1. The weapon is often used with a Red Dot Sight, by those who have unlocked the sight, as the sight is clearer than the iron sights and thus easier to use at longer ranges.


Medal of Honor: WarfighterEdit

The AKS-74U can be seen in the Battlelog section for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It can also be seen in early gameplay trailers under the name Suchka.


Many AKS-74u can be collected from enemies. In the campaign, AKS has a much less strong recoil than in multiplayer, good accuracy and is a good weapon at medium ranges.

In "Through the Eyes of Evil", Argyrus uses an AKS-74u equipped with a Specter DR sight (which is somewhat inaccurate for two reasons: first, AKS cannot equip the Specter DR in multiplayer; second, Specter's iron sights, on the top of the scope, can be used, while normally the alternative mode of the Specter DR is simply a zoomed out view from the standard scope).

In "Finding Faraz", Preacher uses an AKS-74u modified with Extended Magazines (40 rounds) and the double low power optic Trijicon TA11H-308 with an RMR sight attached.

It's interesting to note that all the three attachments of the default AKS-74Us in these missions are not available in multiplayer.


It is available for the Demolitions class.

Just like the AK5C, the AKS-74u Suchka comes in a single version at the start of the unlockables progression for the Demolitions class. Players cannot find different pre-made versions of this weapon.

The AKS appears to have a good firepower (unlike most of the Demolitions' weapons), but also has a tremendous recoil, that forces the player to fire very short bursts (2-3 shorts) in order not to lose control of the gun. Inaccurate and with poor range, the AKS packs a very strong punch, which is quite hard to use properly. It doesn't have a very high rate of fire, but it's certainly higher than the AK-103's. 

Configuring the AKS to use the alternative magazine (id est: not the bakelite) doesn't show increased ammunition capacity in the stats, however, it will show 40 rounds when in-game. 


  • In the singleplayer part of Medal of Honor (2010), the AKS-74u was based on the AKMSU which fires 7.62x39mm where the AKS-74u in multiplayer is the correct variant that fires 5.45x39mm ammo.
  • In Warfighter, the AKS-74u was based on AKMSU just like its predecessor.
  • Battlelog states that the UDT use this weapon, when they actually use the AA12 in game.
  • In the multiplayer part of Warfighter, the magazine of AKS-74u can be changed to classic AK style 7.62x39mm magazine.

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