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The AK-103 Bullpup is a bullpup assault rifle that appears in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

It was first seen on the Battlelog page for weaponry in the Medal of Honor tab. It is basically the AK-103 in a bullpup configuration. It is available for the Spec Ops class.


Even if apparently the AK-103 bullpup is not that different from the weapon used by the Point Man, it has a quite different handling. The bullpup configuration makes the AK-103 more maneuvrable in close quarters, even if not as maneuvrable as a classic carbine, and for some reason recoil is much less than in standard configuration, being mainly vertical and easy to control.

With this rifle, a Spec Ops can be both agile and deadly, since the AK-103 bullpup boasts a consistent punch that allows the user to take down enemies pretty quick, even with its low rate of fire. The reload isn't the fastest for this category, but is still fairly quick, and the effective range of this weapon is higher than normal for the Spec Ops.

This is one of the most versatile Spec Ops weapons, but in extremely close quarters combat other carbines or an assault rifle with a high rate of fire (not mentioning the G18) can easily overwhelm it. This is the perfect rifle for a Spec Ops that wants to fight from short to medium range.



  • The AK-103 Bullpup is based on the AKU-94. Interestingly, that isn't a Russian weapon, instead, it is a bullpup kit for AK rifles, made in United States.
  • The Bakelite magazine gives the player 40 rounds, though it is not indicated by any stat changes in Gun Customisation.