The AK-103 is a successor of the AK-47 upgraded with the polymer furniture of the AK-74M. It is featured in Medal of Honor: Warfighter and was first seen in the E3 Multiplayer Reveal in the hands of a Spetsnaz Alfa Group soldier, using a LaRue IronDot.


It's possible to get plenty of AK-103 from enemies' corpses. In campaign, the AK-103 seems to have milder recoil than in multiplayer. It's a rude, crude, but overall effective weapon. Iron sights are not the easiest to use because most players seem to prefer the Kobra red dot sight.

There is also a variant called "AKM" in-game, but practically not a genuine IzhMash AKM, but a clone of AK-103 both in game stats and appearance, differing only in having wooden handguard and stock (AK-74 style) in place of black plastic ones.


The AK-103 is available for the Point Man class.

The AK-103 deals 17 damage according to sythmic (the highest for the Point Man class) per bullet, but all this firepower comes with many drawbacks. The gun allows good movement speed, but has bad recoil, especially when using Heavy Hitters rounds, which obliges the player to fire in very short bursts even at short ranges, unless he wants to completely lose accuracy. When fired like this or in semi-automatic, however, the AK-103 is quite accurate, and a skilled player can easily take down an enemy with few rounds, whether using high-powered ammo or not.

Reloading doesn't take much time, and allows it to reduce this period of vulnerability to only few seconds. This is quite useful in close quarters or, if necessary, medium range firefights.

The AK-103's severe recoil makes even low power optics difficult to use. This makes reflex sights as the better choice, depending on the player's preferences.

The Kobra reflex sight and the POSP 4x24 scope are exclusive optics for the weapon.

In summary, the AK-103 allows the Pointman to become a serious threat in close quarters, but lacks in accuracy during sustained fire and therefore decreasing its effective range. However, this can be mitigated by learning to fire in bursts or using semi-automatic. When combined with the weapon's power, it can extend the Pointman's reach to farther ranges.




  • The AK-103 being used in the game by the Spetsnaz Alpha Group is correct since it's being used by both the Spetsnaz for urban operations due to higher penetrative capabilities of the 7.62x39mm. Regular Russian forces use the AK-74M, which fires higher velocity and lighter 5.45x39mm bullets.
  • The Spetsnaz Alpha Group Spec Op uses a variant of the AK-103 known as the AK-103 Bullpup.
  • The close quarters barrel for the AK-103 is the AK-104 barrel, the carbine version of the original AK-103. However, the AK-104 in reality has the same flash hider as AKS-74U while AK-103 has a AK-74 style muzzle brake.
  • In full automatic mode, the fire selector is set to SAFE, this can be seen while reloading a totally empty AK-103.
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