AFO Wolfpack
Leader(s) Panther
Appears in Medal of Honor (2010)
Country United States of America
Type Advanced Force Operations
Active 2000s

AFO Team Wolfpack (callsign: Wolfpack One) is a team of U.S. Tier 1 operators, comprised solely of Delta Force snipers in Medal of Honor (2010). They consist of Deuce, Dusty, Vegas, and Panther. Wolfpack is one of the Tier 1 units deployed to the Shah-i-Kot mountains, and they are one of the playable factions in the single player campaign.

While playing as part of Wolfpack, the player assumes the role of Deuce who is partnered with Dusty. Their main role in the battle is to provide support for AFO Neptune by marking enemy trucks with IR beacons to facilitate their targeting by Neptune's SOFLAM and subsequent destruction, as well as provide sniper fire to cover their retreat. Additionally, after repelling an attack against them and examining the equipment of the dead fighters, Dusty and Deuce determine that the Task Force are also engaging against highly trained rebel and Chechen militants.


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Trivia Edit

  • While operating together, Deuce and Dusty are occasionally referred to as "Double D".
  • The achievement unlocked for beating all of Deuce's missions is called "Have a good one". The term is a joke term in Delta Force selection in which the selection candidates are given their orders (which are usually extremely hard) and are told to "have a good one".
  • Unlike their AFO Neptune counterparts, AFO Wolfpack members wear non-standard US military uniforms and look similar to private military contractors.
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